Urheber- und Medienrecht


The main focus of Lawboutique is the legal representation of copyright and performance rights holders, especially in

the music sector. Our range of services is aimed at composers and performers as well as music publishers and labels.

For our clients, we primarily enforce injunctive relief and damages claims in the B2B area. For example, if a company uses

music in a promotional video on its homepage or social media presence without obtaining a corresponding license, we will

contact this user by means of a request for authorization, depending on the client's request or speak a warning. For further enforcement, we request, if necessary, the issuing of an injunction or file an injunction and damages on behalf of the clients.

The aim is always to reach an amicable solution in order to prevent the infringement without delay and to obtain a

reasonable license fee (so-called license analogy) for the unauthorized use in the past for the client.